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issue with wxFilePickerCtrl

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:13 pm
by papillon68
Hello, I'm developing a Windows based application, based on latest wxWidgets libraries.
The interface is simple: a left panel with controls, and a right panel containing a wxGLCanvas.
In the left panel I have a wxFilePickerCtrl widget, I click it and the file browser dialog comes up, overlapping the opengl canvas: at this point, if I click the files in the browser dialog, those clicks are taken into account also by the opengl canvas. So the funny thing that happens is that after I selected one or more files in the browser dialog, some points are painted in the opengl canvas (a behaviour which I obviously don't want).
I tried disabling my opengl paint routines when the wxFilePickerCtrl wxEVT_FILEPICKER_CHANGED event comes up but it's too late at that point and doesn't fix things.
So I tried connecting the wxEVT_COMMAND_TOOL_CLICKED but it doesn't fire at all (and that's odd, shouldn't it be inherited?).
So I'm out of option, any suggestion is greatly appreciated. If you need screenshots to understand better the issue let me know...