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In need of some credit
In need of some credit
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Post by robin » Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:21 pm


I'm pleased to announce the release of wxPython, now available for download at http://wxpython.org/download.php or https://sourceforge.net/project/showfil ... _id=263903

What is wxPython?

wxPython is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. It allows Python programmers to create programs with a robust, highly functional graphical user interface, simply and easily. It is implemented as a Python extension module that wraps the popular wxWidgets cross platform GUI library, which is written in C++.

wxPython is a cross-platform toolkit. This means that the same program will usually run on multiple platforms without modifications. Currently supported platforms are 32-bit Microsoft Windows, most Linux or other Unix-like systems using GTK or GTK2, and Apple Macintosh OS X.

Changes in

This is predominantly a bug-fix release. Changes include:

* Fixed fatal error due to improper wrapping of wx.FSFile.

* Fixed return type of EditableListBox.GetListCtrl

* Give generic tree and list controls a DoGetBestSize so they play nicer with sizers when there is no minimal size.

* Some tweaks in the demo and samples to correct layout, some flicker problems, and namespace use.

* Add wx.Image.ConvertAlphaToMask

* Minor corrections in wx.lib.dialogs

* wx.FileHistory constructor now accepts the documented 2nd parameter.

* Corrections for exceptions in the new ogl

* Fixed XRCed to not use reparenting of windows to implement caching of property panels, since Reparent on wxMac is not implemented.

* Add support for wxTAB_TRAVERSAL to the XRC handler for wxScrolledWindow.

* Add support for all wxListBox styles to the XRC handler for wxCheckListBox.

* Fix for wx.Listbook.DeleteAllPages to really delete everything.

* wxGTK2 now supports alpha blended bitmap drawing

* Made wx.grid.Grid play nicer with sizers.

* etc.

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