ANN: DialogBlocks version 4.10

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Earned some good credits
Earned some good credits
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ANN: DialogBlocks version 4.10

Post by dsilvia »

First, let me state I am in no way affiliated with DialogBlocks and/or
Anthemion Software. So, what you read here is not a sales pitch, but a
bona fide user testimonial.

I've used DialogBlocks for several years now and it has not only cut my
development time to a fraction ( and not 99/100!;) ), but has helped me
gain a knowledge of better practices in wxWidgets design and implementation.
I've tried just about all the other IDE/RAD tools for wxWidgets (and
several times) and none has come close to the utility and time savings I
get with DialogBlocks. Furthermore, it is the only IDE/RAD that is
available on any platform that has wxWidgets, has the richest set of
elements supported, and is correct in all of its code generation for
wxWidgets. No other IDE/RAD, free or commercial, can boast all of this!

But now DialogBlocks has outdone even itself! Besides having a rich set of
elements, it also has a more intuitive interface, debugger support for more
build systems, and a first in any IDE/RAD tool for wxWidgets: a design

To quote the release information:

... old drop-down menus for creating elements have been replaced by a tabbed
palette, for a more visual way to choose windows and sizers (there are now
over 80 of them). You can right-click on the tools (except on Mac due to
toolbar limitations) and choose whether to auto-add, add after, insert before,
or add as a child of the current element which allows more precision than
before. ...

... there's a new tool in the output pane - Analysis. This lets you run a
number of (configurable) checks on your project to highlight common problems
such as empty sizers, clashing identifier values, and obsolete styles.

... default object/output directory ... name[s] now reflects the configuration
name, allowing uniqueness to be guaranteed especially when using different
compilers on the same platform. ... and you can now use the Debug Project
command to start debugging in Visual Studio (>= 7).

DialogBlocks comes with a complete user's manual, a wxWidgets manual, and
a gdb manual. There's also sample projects included to get the user started.
If you're on a Windows platform, you may select the DialogBlocks bundle,
which includes installers for wxWidgets and MinGW.

Additionally, there is an online group:

To swap ideas, make requests, report bugs, and ask for assistance. Response
for requests, bugs, and assistance is within 2-5 business days, my experience
has typically been 12-24 hours, or even less. Non-registered and registered
members are accepted and there's no distinction as far as requests, bug
reports, or assistance.

To top it all off, DialogBlocks is a free IDE/RAD tool when unregistered,
having a 30 element limit on applications you can build. So, you can just
use DialogBlocks as a tool for building wxWidgets releases for your
platform(s) and configuration(s). Or you can use it as a learning tool for
wxWidgets programming techniques at no cost.

And, it gets even better, DialogBlocks registration fee is half the cost of
any other commercial IDE/RAD tool, making it, quite possibly, the most
inexpensive tool you use for any type of development!;)

Take a test spin of the latest release, 4.10. I'm sure you'll be amazed and
delighted at how quick and easy prototyping and/or application development
in wxWidgets can be!:-D

Dave S.

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Post by Ryan Norton »

Main link to dialogblocks is:
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Earned some good credits
Earned some good credits
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Post by dsilvia »

Ryan Norton wrote:Main link to dialogblocks is:
:oops: Thank you for pointing out this oversight!
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