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In need of some credit
In need of some credit
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Forum rules

Post by wxadmin » Fri Aug 27, 2004 9:20 pm

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Welcome to the wxWidgets forum! Here are some tips to make it easier for everybody to answer your questions, and increase the chance of getting a reply:
  1. Be aware of the fact that every forum member here has a personal and professional life NEXT to being so kind of answering questions. This forum is ran by volunteers, so please do not expect an answer right away. When your post is left unanswered please wait at least a few days before raising the issue again, and please use the same thread for this. When you repost the same question twice it will be deleted or merged anyway.
  2. Perform a search before asking, to make sure your question is not yet asked by someone else. Also search the list archives, which can be done by entering a search query at google and putting after it or searching from the main page.
  3. Please consider in which category your question should be posted
  4. DO NOT POST TO THE MAILING LISTS AT THE SAME TIME YOU POST TO THE FORUM! This is called cross-posting, and the only thing this does is cause one of the parties to waste their time helping you. If you don't get an answer in a few days, then try to the lists, but in general most questions get answered quite quickly. AN EXCEPTION ON THE RULE: Announcements are allowed. If you really wish to ask the same question twice, at least wait until you feel your question was not answered to satisfaction, and also mention you posted it on the wx-users list as well is a big help, and act of courtesy.
  5. Try to keep your posts short - you can easily post more later - and it doesn't take 6 hours, unlike the mailing lists
  6. Put your OS, Compiler, and WX version in your signature (go to your profile). Make sure it's up to date when you post - or note the differences in your post.
  7. Posting a piece of code is often more clarifying then abstract descriptions. Then again, don't post your whole source, only the relevant parts.
  8. If you post a code snippet or link to a project - MENTION THE LICENSE!! Otherwise the code in question is assumed to be public domain, or under the wxWidgets license if a copyright is mentioned in the code.
  9. If wxWidgets or something else doesn't compile, PLEASE post the output from your compiler, otherwise nobody can help you!
  10. If there is a crash in your program or wxWidgets, please post a backtrace.
  11. If you do not get an answer to your question within 3 weeks, it is likely a bug - please file a bug at the wxTrac(

NOTE: If you put wx version, OS type, IDE in your signature be aware of the fact that once you change your signature again, all messages you posted will get a new signature. So it can give people a false indication of your build environment.

Please also obey to some of these rules according to netiquette:
  • No erotic content links or references on the forum
  • No advertisement of products not related at all to wxWidgets, or simply spam based
  • No bad language
  • No links to other illegal material such as warez, hacks etc.

If you do not obey these rules you are warned only once by the moderator, and the post(s) in question could be modified, deleted, or split. If you keep on breaking these simple rules, you are either IP-banned or deleted from the forum. You can private message one of the moderators (for questions about the forum itself) to send a user specific question. If you like to help out as moderator, private send me (Jorg) a message and also mention what forum you would like to moderate.

Happy posting!
The wxWidgets Forum team.
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