Some Macros for VC++ .net Users

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Earned some good credits
Earned some good credits
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Some Macros for VC++ .net Users

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Hi Folks !!

I don't know if this is really helpfull for everybody but I think it is for beginners:
I have since XMAS the VC++ 2003 and I have played around with the MacrosIDE and accidentily I have made some which might be useful for some people.

Macro wxAppHeader:
Asks for the AppClassName and Inserts the class Definition and the Implementation for cutting out to cpp file.

Macro wxFrameHeader:
Inserts the Class Declaration for the Frame with copyconstructor and Close Function. Implementation with EventTable is also done for cutting out.

Macro wxHeader:
Inserts the Bootstrapping Code for the Includes AND librarys. Me personal I have always one main header for creating precompiled headers and so I include librarys with

Code: Select all

#pragma comment (lib, "wxmswd.lib")
Of course they are ifdefd for _DEBUG and __VISUAL_C__.
(By the way is this VC Dependent ?? Never tried with gcc..)

With that three macros and using only one cpp file you might have a ready-to go wxWindows Application in about 1 minute, including the missing code in wxFrame::OnInit() (3 Lines ;)). For splitted up code (better way) it takes about 2 or 3 minutes for cutting and pasting the code.
Of course there are more macros like inserting the

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#ifndef __FOO_H__
#define __FOO_H__
#endif /* __FOO_H__ */
fullautomated. Or for inserting a file header with GPL, Purpose, Filename.

Sure, this is for VC only and I hope this helps. The links target is in German but you only have to press Download and unzip it.


Macors updated for wxWindows 2.6.0 and is now a direct Link. :)
You can remove your warning, norton ;)

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Note to viewers: This is not only just a link but a link to a site which has a link to the file.

Also - GPL WARNING :).
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