Add thousands separators to numbers

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Earned some good credits
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Add thousands separators to numbers

Post by ssigala » Sun Aug 14, 2005 1:56 pm

A quick and dirty function for adding thousands separators to integers.
The separator is:
  • the comma "," for locales where the dot is used as decimal separator (e.g. US)
  • the dot "." for locales where the comma is used as decimal separator (e.g. IT, FR)
Example of application:

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int mynumber = 12345678;
wxString s = wxString::Format("%d", mynumber); // format the integer to string
s = FormatThousands(s); // add separators
// s now contains "12,345,678" or "12.345.678" according to locale.

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wxString FormatThousands(const wxString& s)
	static wxString thousandssep = _T(",");
	static struct lconv *loc = 0;
	if (!loc) {
		loc = localeconv();
		if (loc) thousandssep = loc->thousands_sep;

	wxString in = s, out;
	while (in.Length() > 3) {
		out.Prepend(thousandssep + in.Right(3));
	if (!in.IsEmpty())
	return out;
Edit: reformatted a bit the post
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Post by Jorg » Sun Aug 14, 2005 2:01 pm

Very nice! Could come in handy when I am going to work on my cashrunner again. A prg to list all of my banking stuff in categories, where I will see how much I spent per month :-)
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Post by daddydave » Thu Aug 25, 2005 7:53 pm

Great idea.

A small suggestion, maybe add "lakh" (100000) and "crore" (10000000) support. I think in India-Pakistan, 3 million would be written, from what I understand, 30,00,000 (meaning 30 lakh). ... a/lakh.htm ... system.htm

I used to see news examples of this, but a quick check of online news sites found only articles that use Engliish thousands separators. Maybe this is falling out of fashion?

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