wxGetFreeMemory workaround for Linux and BSD ports

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Earned a small fee
Earned a small fee
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wxGetFreeMemory workaround for Linux and BSD ports

Post by wxCod3r »

wxGetFreeMemory isn't implemented as of 2.5.3 for FreeBSD and other BSD variants, and the Linux implementation reads /proc/meminfo and doesn't return correct results due to the variations in the format of /proc/meminfo.

Here's a simple workaround which should work on most supported platforms.

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void wxGetMemoryInfo(long *memTotal, long *memUsed, long *memFree)
   // zero everything to start with
   *(memTotal) = *(memUsed) = *(memFree) = 0;
#if defined(__WINDOWS__)
    MEMORYSTATUS memStatus;
    memStatus.dwLength = sizeof(MEMORYSTATUS);
    *(memTotal) = memStatus.dwTotalPhys;
    *(memUsed) = memStatus.dwMemoryLoad;
    *(memFree) = memStatus.dwAvailPhys;
#elif defined(__UNIX__) || defined(__UNIX_LIKE__)
#  if !defined(__BSD__) && !defined(__DARWIN__)

   // this should be fine on most unix-like platforms
   // note: it doesn't report memory dedicated to the kernel
   //       but is otherwise, reasonably accurate.
   //       e.g. 256MiB installed, but reports 248MiB
    long page_size = sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE);
    *(memTotal) = sysconf(_SC_PHYS_PAGES)*page_size;
    *(memFree)  = sysconf(_SC_AVPHYS_PAGES)*page_size;
    *(memUsed)  = *(memTotal) - *(memFree);

#   elif defined(__BSD__) || defined(__DARWIN__)

    long total_pages, free_pages, page_size;

    size_t size = sizeof(long);
    if(sysctlbyname("hw.pagesize", &page_size, &size, 0, 0) != 0 ||
       size != sizeof(long)) return;
    size = sizeof(long);
    if(sysctlbyname("vm.stats.vm.v_page_count", &total_pages, &size, 0, 0) != 0 ||
       size != sizeof(long)) return;

    // this may not work under FreeBSD?
    size = sizeof(long);
    if(sysctlbyname("vm.stats.vm.v_free_count", &free_pages, &size, 0, 0) != 0 ||
       size != sizeof(long)) return;

    *(memTotal) = page_size * total_pages;
    *(memFree) = page_size * free_pages;
    *(memUsed) = page_size * (total_pages - free_pages);
#   endif
    // not implemented but defined for
    // portability - values were nulled above
Hope it was useful...
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Ryan Norton
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Re: wxGetFreeMemory workaround for Linux and BSD ports

Post by Ryan Norton »

I should note that Vadim said he would accept a patch to function with an implementation like this :).
Super wx Problem Solver
Super wx Problem Solver
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Post by Avi »

Yeah, wxCod3r, it would be great if you could create a patch (.diff) and post it in SF.net's patches tracker: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_i ... tid=309863 :)

Thanks for the good work!
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