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Earned a small fee
Earned a small fee
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wxMac Drawers

Post by tim.ebenezer »

Hi Ryan - if you are about.
What happened to wxDrawerWindow ? did it ever get completed, or was it just axed? I really like the idea of having drawers through wxMac, and wondered if there was an existing implementation or if I should try to do one.

I noticed there is samples/drawer in CVS (with some stuff in the Attic) (edited by RN = you?)

Any guidance?
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Ryan Norton
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Re: wxMac Drawers

Post by Ryan Norton »

In short it should work just fine and is in

you'll need to include the adv lib in addition to base and core if you are using the seperate libs :D.


Long story is that ABX, another wxWidgets developer smoothed out a nice drawer sample - unfortunately something happened and the sample never made it in. I do not remember what exactly :\, at the time the plan was for a generic drawer-like window for other platforms - thus the (I guess now a two-year-old historical note) about the API changing.

(I personally have not done much wx development for about a year but used it in my last job and it worked good :D)
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Post by kshitij_ds »

I tried implementing a drawer. However, when i launch my dialog the drawer is not attache do the left size of the dialog.
I have tried setting and un-setting the Preferred Edge. But the Drawer is always positioned at the top of screen and is partly hidden under the MAC OSx menu bar. :(

Please let me know if someone has implemented it or if there is any solution to my issue.

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