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wrong accessibility to EvtHandler? error

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 5:39 pm
by dibridagoe
The EvtHandler class has a internal constructor, I think this must be an error since the c++ version has a public constructor.

I need it public or at least protected to be able to do the following:

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    public class wxBackgroundBitmap : wx.EvtHandler
        protected wx.Bitmap bitmap;
        public wxBackgroundBitmap(wx.Bitmap bitmap)
            this.bitmap = bitmap;
        public new bool ProcessEvent(wx.Event e){
            if(e.EventType == wx.Event.wxEVT_ERASE_BACKGROUND){
                wx.EraseEvent eraseEvent = (wx.EraseEvent)e;
                return true;
            else return base.ProcessEvent(e);