wxWave - simple recording and saving

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wxWave - simple recording and saving

Post by upCASE » Fri Jul 15, 2005 8:09 am

Hi all!
Due to a question in the forum, I decided to release my code wrapper for recording and playing back sound with portaudio. The wrapper in addition can save the recorded data as pure wave files and load them in turn.

Note that the wrapper does NOT work with newer portaudio versions!
I tested it on Windows and Linux. It works on the Mac too, but has some bugs (with portaudio you can't set the recording any lower than 44100 kHz.)

This release contains the windows version of portaudio and a simple example project. Hope this helps some of you...

OS: OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Win XP Pro
wx: svn
Compiler: gcc 4.5.1, VC 2008, eVC 4

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