introducing myself

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In need of some credit
In need of some credit
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introducing myself

Post by coders » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:33 pm

Hi, i am a coder from Holland, my name is Michel.

I started coding 2 years ago. Tried Python, but i don't see the logic with Python, then coded a little bit of C, and later on started with QT C++.

Currently i am coding a CadCam program in C++ codeblocks with usage of wxWidgets. The project started june 2019 with QT enterprise.
For 4 weeks now, i am transferring the QT project into CodeBlocks.
Reason for transferring my code is the high price of QT. About 5000+ dollar a year.

If some are interested in a wxwidgets gui with working opengl interface for linux, you can look here for download :
It has a very compact cubic spline algoritme included. It load's and preview dxf files. Dimension dxf load is not included, etc. The rest of the code is not really optimized and fine tuned so far. But it can be very usefull to start a project with. The opengl is subclassed, and very stable. The code is not optimized or tuned so far.

I was wondering if someone has seen this video :
Glad i work with linux and have no windows 10 running.
The issue is, windows 10 is not safe at all. If you have 3 virus scanners running, you are not safe !! The bad guy's can look into your files, turn on your
camera and microfone, tranfer money with paypall etc. Why is window's not safe at all this day's?

I am thinking about my next coding project. What would i write for program?
My next program starts about 2-3 months. Would it be usefull to write a virus scanner that can filter the encrypted rats out?
Are there more coders at this forum that are interested in such a project? If it works, we can sell the program worldwide. =D>


Thanks so far, and have a nice day !

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